E3 2018: ‘Battlefield V’ Features Detailed

After the May reveal of Battlefield V, fans had many questions and even some concerns about the latest in DICE and EA’s long running war series.

Hoping to answer and address a few of these concerns, Electronic Arts detailed some new features and gameplay during their annual EA Play conference.

The biggest reveal was that the game will have a battle royale mode.  Minimal details were given about the game mode, but it will feature 100 players and will simply be called “Royale.”

Other multiplayer features were also detailed. Player characters can now jump through windows, dive in any direction while keeping their weapon up, and even tow fixed-weapon emplacements to more strategic positions.

They also reiterated that the game will have “No Loot Boxes and No Premium Pass.”

There will be a single-player campaign gameplay reveal at Microsoft’s E3 conference. Details to follow (This story will be updated June 10).

Check out our article about the May reveal for more details. Battlefield V launches world-wide on October 19 for Xbox One, Playstation 4, and PC.




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