About Us

At Batteries Fully Charged, our goal is to add a measured and thoughtful voice to the present popular culture cacophony currently capturing the masses. Through smart writing, catchy videos, and an outside-the-box podcast, we hope to give you a daily dose of critical thought about your favorite movies, TV, games and books.

We’re a pretty varied bunch with some interesting and contrasting personalities. We come from a variety of backgrounds and we each hope to share our intelligent views to any that will listen.

The Founders (Alphabetical):

Matthew Courser- Writer, Podcast

Matthew lives in Ypsilanti, Michigan and is a father to an awesome son. He is passionate about movies, video games, the X-Wing miniatures table-top game, and Star Wars. In his philosophy you always fly casual.

Streams as Smoothkilla69

Frank Eslinger- Editor-in-chief, Writer, Podcast, Design

A journalism graduate from Central Michigan University, Frank loves to talk about cinema, games and science. He strongly believes Jurassic Park is the greatest movie in blockbuster history. 

Streams as BatteriesFullyCharged and SSFranko

Brent Johnson- Video Lead, Writer, Podcast

Gamer, dice roller, movie watcher and all around nerd, Brent has grown up with nerd culture his entire life. He brings a positive spin to his web presence on Twitch and Youtube as a content producer in the great state of Wisconsin. His unhealthy obsession with Mega Man will be his undoing.

Streams as Uberbrent

Joseph Soltis- Editor, Writer, Podcast

A political science graduate from Central Michigan University living in the great city of Detroit, he is passionate about games, music, and the budding esports scene. If it was up to him, Counter-Strike would be game of the year, every year.

Streams as hojo_tv