Avalanche Studios Announces First Self Published Game

Shortly after it was revealed that Avalanche Studios would be partnering with Id Software for Rage 2, Avalanche has announced a new title. Generation Zero will be the studio’s first self developed and published game with no licenses or big publisher.

Generation Zero will place up to four players in rural Sweden during the 1980’s. Machines have taken over the countryside and are actively trying to find the players and eliminate them. Gamers will have to rely on their ability to choose their battles to fight or hide from incoming enemies. Throughout the game the central question that must be discovered is, why are these machines attacking and where did they came from.

Emil Kraftling, game director of Generation Zero, describes the game as a persistent open world sandbox. Giving gamers the creative decisions to use the environment and even the weather to form the strategies leading into combat. The world will feature a dynamic day/night cycle as well as fluctuating weather. With a background in open world sandbox games like Mad Max and Just Cause, there’s a pedigree that Avalanche has shown for these experiences.


According to Kraftling’s description of the game, there is no fail state during the course of play. Kraftling wants players to feel like if they have made an incorrect decision, they will not be told to do it over, this is their sandbox. If players engage a machine and deal damage but don’t defeat their opponent, that enemy continues to roam keeping all of the scars of the encounter. This will give options to go back and finish that fight or avoid it all together if players are not strong enough.


Game play according to the trailer is still unclear as it shows both first and third person perspectives. Generation Zero has a tentative 2019 release date and as of right now is only confirmed for PC’s via Steam.


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