Fully Charged Cast – Episode 6

Frank, Matt, and Joe talk about some media that they have consumed, and do a deep dive in the film and movie industry. The topics talked about range from creativity in Hollywood to the current state in the industry.

Fully Charged Cast Episode 5

After a month break, we have come out with our latest Fully Charged Cast episode. In this episode, Frank, Matt and Joe talk about Comic Con and D23 Expo, Spider-Man: Homecoming, War of the Planet of the Apes, Games we are excited for, and more!

The Fully Chargedcast – Episode 4

In this episode, we go over the local Xwing games that Matt is playing, give our takes about Wonder Woman, and an overview of E3.

The Fully Chargedcast – Episode 3

In this episode of the Fully Chargedcast, Matt, Brent, Joe, and Frank talk about Quake Champions, Competitive Fantasy Flight Games’ X-Wing, Netflix and the future of television, and upcoming summer movies.

The Fully Chargedcast – Episode 1

Today we kick off the Fully Chargedcast with introductions, some talk about Fantasy Flight Games X-Wing, Senior Leagues in competitive gaming and E3 predictions!