‘Solo’ Has Slow Opening Weekend Compared to Previous Films

Disney’s Solo: A Star Wars Story opened Friday May 25 with a mostly favorable critical reception at of the time of this writing. However moviegoer interest in the film did not meet expectations during the extended weekend.

Solo made an estimated $83 million domestically, while also struggling internationally. China pulled in $10.1 million, while the United Kingdom brought in $10.3 million.

The film was originally projected to make between $165 million to $175 million, though the estimate was lowered to $130 million to $150 million earlier in the week. The film is now estimated to gross $101 million through the long weekend.

Opening with box office success had been synonymous with Star Wars over the previous films with Star Wars: The Last Jedi opening in December 2017 with $220 million, Star Wars: The Force Awakens with $238 million, and the other Star Wars Story, Rogue One with $155 million.

Solo: A Star Wars Story tells the story of the titular character. Through a series of elaborate heists he grows into  the character popularized in the original trilogy of films.

The next Star Wars film, the not-yet-subtitled Episode IX, is set to open in December 2019.


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One thought on “‘Solo’ Has Slow Opening Weekend Compared to Previous Films

  1. Brent Johnson

    Some people are saying there’s Star Wars fatigue but at the pace Marvel movies are released and enjoyed it’s surprising this took the hit. I wonder if people want to see truly different stories from the Star Wars Universe not just filing in the gaps that don’t really NEED to be told.

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