‘Solo’ Has Slow Opening Weekend Compared to Previous Films

Disney’s Solo: A Star Wars Story opened Friday May 25 with a mostly favorable critical reception at of the time of this writing. However moviegoer interest in the film did not meet expectations during the extended weekend.

Solo made an estimated $83 million domestically, while also struggling internationally. China pulled in $10.1 million, while the United Kingdom brought in $10.3 million.

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Disney’s ‘Star Wars’ Themed Lands to Open in 2019

Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge, a new expansion land for the Walt Disney theme parks, will open next year.

The California based Disneyland expansion is set to open in the summer, while the Disney World expansion opens in Florida during the fall.

Set on the new planet of Batuu, Disney plans to create an immersive, personalized experience for anyone that goes to the themed-area.

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E3 2017: ‘Star Wars Battlefront 2’ Promises more Depth, Content

The war for the galaxy rages on this fall with EA and DICE’s Star Wars Battlefront 2.

When EA and DICE’s Star Wars Battlefront was released in Nov 2015, it was met with praise for its visuals and authenticity, but chastised for minimal content and bare-bones offline content.

EA showed off a new trailer and gameplay footage of the sci-fi shooter during EA Play at E3 saturday. EA promises three times more content than the first game will be available to fans and players when the game launches in November.

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The Fully Chargedcast – Episode 3

In this episode of the Fully Chargedcast, Matt, Brent, Joe, and Frank talk about Quake Champions, Competitive Fantasy Flight Games’ X-Wing, Netflix and the future of television, and upcoming summer movies.

“I Will Show You The Dark Side:” The Complexities of Kylo Ren

One of the first characters revealed for Disney and Lucasfilm’s Star Wars: The Force Awakens was the new villain Kylo Ren.

We were introduced to this tall, masked figure in the first teaser for the film. With his fiery red lightsaber and cloaked in black, Kylo Ren, played by Adam Driver, had big shoes to fill.

Coming off classic villains like the menacing Darth Vader and devilish Emperor Palpatine, Kylo had a lot of expectations thrown his way. Some of them fair, others not. Though some of the expectations may seem unreasonable I believe Kylo Ren is the character Anakin Skywalker should have been.

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The Power of the Past: Nostalgia and “Coming Home”

Nostalgia is a powerful connection to the things we love.

Through all of our senses, it ties us to our memories. When you smell that food that brings you back to your childhood dinner table. When you hear the song that reminds you of that friend or family-member you don’t talk to anymore. Or even that movie that you saw as a child that conjures memories of those listless summer days when you recreated the hero’s adventures.

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What’s the Point? Rogue One: A Star Wars Story

Since its acquisition of Lucasfilm in 2012, Disney has released revitalized interest in the Star Wars brand with a steady stream of movies, television shows, books and comics. There’s so much Star Wars I hardly know what to do. Every morning when I get dragged out of bed by my kid I wonder “How is Star Wars going to affect my life today?”

It turns out that everywhere I go there’s Star Wars. “May the Fourth Be With You” (May 4th) is basically a national holiday. We are now “blessed” with the prospect of a Star Wars film every year, with main saga and side-stories alternating every year.

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