‘Jurassic World Evolution,’ Launch Date and New Trailer Details

Frontier Developments finally has revealed some details on the upcoming park-building simulation, Jurassic World Evolution, and like Ian Malcolm once said: “Oooh ahhh… That’s how it always starts… but then there’s running… and uh screaming…”

Launching on PC, Microsoft Xbox One, and Sony Playstation 4 on June 14, Jurassic World Evolution will allow prospective designers to create and manage their own Jurassic franchise parks.

In a new trailer, Frontier showed off some new dinosaur species like the dome-skulled Pachycephalosaurus and the carnivorous Majungasaurus. Special weather events, like tornadoes, were also showcased. These events can lead to dinosaurs escaping.

Players can take initiative and try to capture the rampaging dinos themselves, or use a suite of management tools to try to get things under control.

According to the official website Frontier has detailed a three-pronged approach to building, managing and protecting your custom park. Taking place on the “Las Cincos Muertes” archipelago from the films, designers can choose to focus on Science, Entertainment, or Security as they build up parks on each of the islands.

Science allows new dinosaur genomes to be researched, allowing your stable of potential species to grow. A better researched genome allows the scientists to create more genetically “pure” dinosaurs. This will allow for a degree of customization and uniqueness for each dinosaur bioengineered in the game.

Entertainment focuses on generating revenue and entertaining the guests that visit the created parks. Tour methods like the gyro-spheres and the innovation center from 2015’s Jurassic World, come from this particular focus. Players can even use these methods themselves to explore their own parks.

It wouldn’t be a Jurassic franchise game without the potential of it all going to hell, and the Security focus helps to prevent that. Ranger stations, Asset containment, and storm mitigation are a few of the things promised when pursuing the security focus.

Some familiar faces are slated to show up throughout the game. Jeff Goldblum reprises his role as Ian Malcom and acts as a voice of reason for the player. Other characters have been promised, but have not been shown off at this time.

Pre-ordering the game offers a unique skin for the helicopters players will be flying, and a deluxe edition is also being offered for $5 more. Included in the deluxe edition are five additional dinosaurs and a few more vehicle skins.

Frontier has produced some quality games in the past with the ongoing Elite: Dangerous and Planet Coaster. So far it looks like Jurassic World Evolution is on track to be the game Jurassic fans have been hoping for.


Feature image credit Frontier Developments and Universal Pictures

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