E3 2017: ‘Shadow of the Colossus’ HD Remake Announced

The ground will tremble with the might of giants again in 2018.

A modern remaster of the Sony Playstation 2 classic Shadow of the Colossus was shown to audiences at E3 in Los Angeles during Sony’s Press Showcase.

The melancholic adventure sees a nameless protagonist wandering a strange land, tasked with only slaying strange, massive beasts to save a loved one. Armed with only a sword, bow, and trusty horse, the character must overcome these eldritch beasts.

The original PS2 game holds a 91% on metacritic, and is considered by some to be a masterpiece.

The remaster looks to enhance the graphical fidelity and visuals of the game. Though a small snippet of music is heard at the end of the trailer, it’s unclear if the original game’s soundtrack will return for the remaster.

The game is slated for a 2018 release.


Image credit Sony (original game)

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