Trigger and Arc System Works Announce ‘Kill la Kill’ Game

Arc System Works, following a series of teasers over the week of E3, has officially unveiled it’s next project. In collaboration with anime studio Trigger, Kill la Kill the Game was announced.

Kill la Kill was a 24 episode anime series following the young protagonist Ryuko Matoi, as she attended the Honnouji Academy trying to discover her father’s killer. The elite students of Honnouji were given powerful outfits called “Goku Uniforms” that amplified their strength.

Standing over all of the students of Honnouji academy was Satsuki Kiryuin the daughter of the schools owner.


Few details have been provided about the game other than a handful of screenshots and a trailer. More information will be incoming at Anime Expo 2018 running from July 5th through July 8th in Los Angeles.



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