E3 2018 Predictions: Square Enix Showcase

For the first time in three years the gaming public will be getting an announcement show from Square Enix. Not the traditional stage show that’s typical for E3, but something akin to Nintendo’s “Nintendo Direct” videos.

There is much that is known about the company’s upcoming releases and even more that isn’t. Square Enix has the potential to be one of the most exciting shows depending on the surprises under the company has kept under their caps.

With less than two weeks to go, buzz is already building in the lead up to the Electronic Entertainment Expo. With high profile leaks from Walmart Canada, and countdowns counting down to more countdowns, the hype machine is hard at work competing for attention.

But where is the fun in what is already known? The real fun is in setting wildly high expectations and trying to figure out what sorts of strategies and announcements that will be seen in each show.

Kingdom Hearts 3 Release Date

Recently in Los Angeles, Square Enix held a Kingdom Hearts 3 premier event. During its showing, journalists were able to sit down and play a build of the game. Press and influencers were shown the Toy Story world as well as a section from Hercules, two popular Disney franchises.

Initial impressions were positive. It apparently plays and feels like Kingdom Hearts with some modern sensibilities. The only question left about Kingdom Hearts 3 is when gamers can play it.

Square Enix is ramping up hype over Kingdom Hearts 3. Having an event a month before E3, followed by the first E3 Showcase in 3 years shows Square Enix is eager to make announcements.

Getting the game to market before Black Friday would certainly make the most sense. However more likely is waiting until after new years. First quarter releases have been very popular these last two years. With many of the heavy hitters out of the way in the rush to Black Friday, Kingdom Hearts could potentially run unopposed in a month like January or February.

Final Fantasy XVI

There has not been any indication that a new installment of the long-running Final Fantasy franchise is being worked on. Traditionally Square Enix has released three main-line Final Fantasy games during a console generation.

In the last 10 years, there have only been only three main line Final Fantasy releases. Square Enix has announced that there is a Final Fantasy VII Remake but no news on a brand new entry into the franchise.

Since Square Enix is working on the Final Fantasy VII Remake, an easy assumption would be they will have nothing to show regarding Final Fantasy XVI. Square Enix, however, is not bashful about showing off their work as soon as possible.  

There’s not been an announcement of a new Final Fantasy since 2009 when Square Enix showed Final Fantasy XIV. Final Fantasy XV was announced originally as Final Fantasy versus XIII in 2006 and was later rebranded.

The only hint of a new Final Fantasy is 2012 and 2015’s Luminous Engine demo called Agni’s Philosophy. A trailer which claimed to be the future of the franchise. Showing off a teaser confirming they are working on the next entry could really get fans excited about the currently dormant franchise.

The Avengers

In 2017, Marvel along with Square Enix announced a partnership to release multiple games based on the Avengers film franchise. It was also shared that Crystal Dynamics and Eidos Montreal would be leading development for this new game loosely called Avengers Reassemble.

This E3 during their Showcase would be the time to show off what the teams have been working on. Details on what this game will be in terms of play style or theme are non existent. Given the track record of the teams working on the game however would point to a third person action adventure with light RPG elements.

Likely, Square Enix will show a slightly longer trailer with more information to show fans their progress. The timing with the recent Avengers: Infinity War film would capitalize on the movies success.

Even if a date is not announced it will get people excited for what is in store.

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