New Operation Released for Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

The wait for a new operation for Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is over as Valve released Operation Hydra on May 23 with new maps, modes, and collectibles for all players to enjoy.

The new modes that can be accessed include a new 2v2 mode called Wingman, Guardian Mode that lets you complete missions with a friend, a 5v5 mode called Weapons Expert that will test your weapon pool, and a more casual mode called War Games that throws in stipulations like headshots only and scouts only.

The new maps in the operation rotation are Black Gold, Lite, Austria, Shipped, Thrill, Agency, and Insertion. The first five maps being bomb defusal and the last two maps being hostage rescue.

The operation will run for 18 weeks and a $5.99 pass can be purchased to access a few extra features. Click here for more information about the operation.



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