‘Pokémon Gold/Silver’ and ‘Pokken’ to Receive Ports

Catching ’em all comes back this fall with new ports of old classics to the Nintendo 3ds and a revival of a Wii U brawler slams onto the Nintendo Switch.

Nintendo announced today that Pokémon Gold Version and Pokémon Silver Version, originally for the Nintendo Game Boy Color, will be released for the 3ds on Sept 22.

They will be available as digital downloads for the portable game console.

Also announced was a revised and improved port of the Wii U fighting game, Pokken Tournament. 

Also launching on Sept 22 for the Nintendo Switch, Pokken Tournament DX sees players controlling a variety of Pokémon as they battle in a variety of arenas.

The new version will include all post launch arcade exclusive characters.

Feature image credit Nintendo

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