‘Hellboy’ Reboot in the Works with New Director and Lead

After two films in the supernatural superhero franchise, Millenium announced a new entry in the Hellboy franchise on Tuesday.

In talks with producers Lloyd Levin and Larry Gordon, Millenium is hoping to reboot the series with a new star and director.

Ron Perlman, the original embodiment of the titular role, is being replaced by Stranger Things star, David Harbour.

Director of the first two films, Guillermo Del Toro will also not be back. Neil Marshall, director or horror film The Descent is on tap.

Hellboy was originally published as a graphic novel series by Dark Horse Comics on the early nineties. Written by Mike Mignola, the series follows the adventures of the devilish, chain-smoking demon as he fights off supernatural and existential threats with extreme guff and firepower.

No production schedule has been confirmed yet.

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