Hot Takes: The Spiciest of Opinions

I just left the theater and I’ve gotta say *movie title*  was just the worst thing I’ve ever seen.

I just finished playing *new video game* and it was an unmitigated disaster.

Your game stinks. That movie you like is horrible. How could you be so stupid as to like that thing you like? How dare you not see things my way! You can’t silence me because these are all my opinions.

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Fully Charged Cast – Episode 9

In this episode of the Fully Charged Cast, we talk about some upcoming games that we are excited for, and we go in-depth about some of our “guilty pleasures”.

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Fully Charged Cast – Episode 8

A full crew for this episode of the Fully Charged Cast. We talk about movies that inspired us, and what we thought about them. We also talk more about the toxicity of some fan bases in various pop culture communities.

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