‘Wonder Woman’ Smashes Records, Wows Critics

Diana of Themyscira triumphed over the weekend box-office, shattering milestones and lassoing fans new and old.

Warner Bros. newest addition to the DC cinematic universe, Wonder Woman, sees Gal Gadot as Diana, an Amazon Princess thrust into the conflict of World War I. Co-starring Chris Pine as a plucky pilot and spy, the pair work to uncover a dangerous chemical weapon and prevent devastation from befalling the allied forces in Europe.

The film opened domestically to a successful weekend with a $100.5 million debut. The success is significant as it’s not only one of the best reviewed movies of the year so far (94% on rottentomatoes.com as of this writing), it’s also already the most successful female-directed superhero film ever made.

Directed by Patty Jenkins, whom also directed Zodiac Pictures Monster, the film has had the most successful opening weekend of any female directed film.

The film also opened internationally with a $122.5 million take.

Wonder Woman is in theaters now.


Top image credit Warner Bros.

2 thoughts on “‘Wonder Woman’ Smashes Records, Wows Critics

    1. Brent Johnson

      It’s great to see DC trying something different. Clearly it paid out big for them. I want to see a strong DC push Marvel, that just benefits everybody.


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